Fact Checking Policy

At CMC.net.in, we are dedicated to delivering honest and authentic information to our readers. Our rigorous fact-checking process ensures the accuracy and fairness of our content. Here’s how we ensure reliability:

Thorough Fact-Checking:

Before publishing any news or information, our team conducts comprehensive fact-checking. We verify information from multiple sources, consult knowledgeable individuals, and ensure the reliability of our sources.

Reliance on Original Sources:

Our priority is to use primary sources whenever possible, such as direct quotes, official statements, or data from reputable organizations. When we cannot access primary sources, we transparently disclose our information-gathering process.

Correcting Errors:

If we ever publish incorrect information, we promptly rectify it and include a note explaining the error at the beginning or end of the article.


We value transparency with our readers. If you have questions about our sources or the accuracy of our content, please feel free to reach out. We welcome your feedback and strive to address any concerns.


We remain impartial in our reporting, presenting factual information without personal bias or opinions.

Addressing Feedback:

If you spot any errors in our content, please inform us. We appreciate your insights and will investigate and correct any mistakes.


We operate independently, free from external pressures or influences. Our fact-checking process remains separate from advertising or sponsorship interests.

Continuous Improvement:

We are committed to ongoing learning and enhancement. Our team undergoes regular training to ensure we provide timely updates and accurately report the news.

At CMC.net.in, we aim to be your trusted source for a wide range of global news. Our fact-checking policy underscores our commitment to honesty and delivering reliable information every time.